Julie Liddell

Mentoring - Develop Clarity & Awareness

As your mentor the focus is on you as an individual. There is no agenda, except what you bring up in the moment. The personal benefits are affirmation with respect to what you are being mentored for and learning different perspectives for life that are transformational.

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"I have had the blessing of Julie's mentorship and spiritual guidance for many years. Her sophisticated therapeutic skills and compassionate wisdom have helped me to understand and accomplish much in both my personal and professional development."

- Nadia

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A mentor has a deep personal interest about you and your long term development. It is a two-way mutually beneficial relationship. Mentors are facilitators and teachers allowing their clients to discover their own direction. Mentors never provide solutions, yet always ask questions to encourage a clients' thinking there by assisting them with finding their own solutions. Mentors help to build confidence and trust, empowering their clients to see what they are capable of.