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Mindfulness has shown to be effective with depression, anxiety, substance abuse and chronic pain. Physical benefits include decreased heart rate, slowed respiration, lowered blood pressure, muscle relaxation, and improved brain and immune functioning.

As one's ability to focus and be mindful increases, one then becomes more aware of habitual / automatic mental patterns. It then becomes easier to develop a non-judgmental attitude to them enabling an individual to overcome overwhelming thoughts, feelings and sensations. Along with this is a general better regulation of extreme emotion. Awareness develops many aspects of life. It can:

  • Lead to greater intuition.
  • Help one to lead a more empowered life.
  • Cultivate resilience.
  • Assist in personal growth.
  • Encourage one to live life fully.

Mindfulness allows for personal growth through greater self-awareness, understanding and acceptance. It is about letting go of preconceived ideas about self, and others. The true nature of mindfulness is:

  • Being aware
  • Being intentional
  • Being a participant in one's life and experiences
  • Being more present and alive in every moment.