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Therapy is about discovering your deepest emotional attitudes and who you are in the very heart of yourself. Discovering what is at the core of our life choices and decisions is empowering. Hakomi is a technique to discover and change core material such as memories, beliefs and deeply held emotional dispositions. All or our responses to themes in life - safety, belonging, support, power, freedom, responsibility, appreciation, sexuality and spirituality - are all apart of our core material. Hakomi enables a client to distinguish between what are learned responses versus what supports our being who we wish to be. It attends to the nature of being human.

Hakomi is a mindfulness approach to self-understanding. Based on five principles: mindfulness, non-violence, unity, organicity and mind-body holism. Its premise is based on the fact that our deeply held personal myths, beliefs, habits, emotional reactions and intellect are not available through the rational left-brain. Rather it is within the body where beliefs and deep emotions are held. It is within this context that our deepest wisdom arises and informs us as to what action to take.

Body health, emotional well-being, diet and other factors influence our lives. When we indulge in that which is contrary to our true nature we eventually experience dis-ease.

"Hakomi is a method for helping people change their way of being in the world through working with core material and changing core beliefs. The reward for all this work is simply knowing from a deep place within, how one has come to this moment.. and how one will move on."

-Ron Kurtz, founder of Hakomi